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Events in Mont-Saint-Michel area

Great works of dredging of Mont Saint Michel bay
Great works have started in 2005, they are now finished !
Cars are not allowed to reach to Mont-Saint-Michel anymore.
You can now park your car at La Caserne.

Free shuttles are avalaible from the parkings to the end of the bridge, 300 meters away from the Mont Saint Michel.
The view is exceptionnal, moreover during high-tides.
Shuttles work all year, from early morning to 1 am.

Parking at the Mont Saint Michel

Parking rates at Mont Saint Michel have changed in 2023.
From now on, the price differs according to the season.

Our tip:
Enjoy the quiet of Mont Saint Michel in the evening, the atmosphere is totally different.
You can walk around and have dinner there. The free shuttle service is available 24 hours a day.

-> Arrive at the parking lots from 6:30 pm, the parking lot is free 10 months out of 12.


High tides
During the high tides (coef more than 100), you can admire the Mont Saint Michel circled by the sea, and then become an island !
To check the days when this phenomenon takes place, please refer to the tide schedule in Granville's harbour.

Have a look on the video below ...


Mise à jour : 30 mars 2024
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